Original Recipe Development and Brand Partnerships

I develop original and inspiring recipes and entertaining menus featuring brand-name products and ingredients for use in advertising, advertorials, company websites and blogs, infomercials, and packaging.

I can create a variety of sweet, savory, and/or beverage recipes that are inspiring, visually appealing, and designed specifically with end consumer needs and skills in mind. Let me work with you to showcase your brand in a recipe or menu that will engage consumers and encourage them to welcome your product into their home and family table.

Though professionally trained in the culinary arts, I specialize in home-cooking and entertaining for the real-life consumer. From young urban cooks with small apartment kitchens to suburban moms with bustling households, I can create the recipes and entertaining menus that appeal directly to the skill level and lifestyle of your target market.

Previous Clients Include: Tabasco, Starbucks, Smirnoff, Netflix, Edy's, Microsoft Windows Phone, Cypress Grove, Peanut Butter & Co., Wisconsin Dairy Marketing Board, Sara Lee Desserts, Fox News iMag, and many more

Please contact me directly to discuss possible partnerships.

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