Curious to know what the experience is like at one of my dinner party-style cooking classes or private events? Check out a few of the sweet words from previous clients around the web below! (And pop on over to my Facebook page where you can check out photo albums from previous classes.)

Reviews from Google Places (Rated "Excellent")
 "Alejandra has a knack for whipping up a great cooking class with all the acoutrements! We took her cooking class recently with 10 others at City Cookhouse in Spanish Harlem and had an absolutely great time! We made a bunch of dishes of varying degrees of difficulty but Alejandra made every dish seem simple to make. The post cooking feast was a great reward for a few hrs of great prep work and cooking. I feel like we all left with a handful of amazing recipes and the confidence and experience to show off our newly minted skills. Stay tuned for the dinner party."
-Craig Turpin 

"Alejandra's cooking class was AMAZING! She was the chef for a recent cooking class I took and her recipes were awesome. It was a large group and she was awesome with working with everyone. I would definitely recommend her for any personal chef needs and to attend her cooking classes." 
-Kelle Coleman

"Alejandra is a great chef and teacher, who is obviously very passionate about her craft. Be sure to catch one of her group cooking classes. She will set everything up for you, including the cooking venue, recipes, food, aprons, her bottomless specialty cocktails while we're all cooking, etc. etc. Classes are fit for all levels of cooks, and a group dinner follows immediately afterwards to eat all of the dishes cooked. I fully support her efforts to have the public be more aware of wholesome nutrition, meal preparation and maintaining a healthy relationship with food overall. I'm looking forward to take more classes with her!"
--Ema Takeda

"Alejandra's classes are amazing! Great themes and she's always super prepared to teach you something new and exciting. I can't wait to take another class with her."
--Lara Ruth

"I really enjoyed the culinary tour Alejandra took us on. She came up with recipes for 9 dishes that were inspired by places in NYC. The dishes were very delicious and the cooking class was very well organized. I was impressed that she was able to keep an eye on all the dishes without burning them (sometimes I struggle cooking 2 dishes at the same time at home). The recipes she put together were not the easiest yet we've managed not to mess them up. The ingridients were already set aside and so were the cooking utensils, which made it much easier. I've picked up some good recipes that i'll certainly use at home, such as meatballs, salmon salad with bagel chips and corn on the cob!"
--Anastasia Khizenko

"Alejandra's classes are as fun and educational as you make them out to be - she encourages class attendees to be as involved (or uninvolved) as they wish, she's very hands-on in showing you every step of the process and sends you home with useful recipes and tips. We enjoyed the most delicious sangria throughout the class and had a wonderful time."
--Emily Chu

"Add this to your to do list, either with a group or special someone. You will enjoy the entire experience from drinks, cooking and finally enjoying the delicious dishes you helped create."
--Cheryl Crow 

Reviews from Yelp (Rated 5 Stars)
 "I attended the couples cooking class - NYC Valentine's day and I had such a great time! Alejandra's instructions were very easy to follow (I had no problem in following, even though I have never ever taken any kind of cooking class before) and it was so fun to cook and enjoy what we cooked all together! Will definitely try to look for other classes soon!"
--Jenny L., 5 stars

"I recently took a class with Alejandra and had a fantastic time.  The food we prepared was delicious and the teaching was hands on.  I enjoy cooking so it was fun to learn different ways of doing things.  The good thing was, her ways were easier!  At the end of the class we all sat down to enjoy the meal we all helped in preparing.  She sent us home with all the recipes we prepared that day and a little 'thank you' goodie bag.  Whether you are a seasoned chef or can't boil water to save your life, you WILL learn something from Alejandra!"
--Traci M., 4 stars

"A friend and I attended Alejandra's "Weeknight Dinner" class over the weekend, and had a really nice time! Alejandra's recipes were wonderful and she has a very natural, easy going style of teaching that made the whole experience very enjoyable. I left with a lot of great ideas and a few new useful skills and techniques. I'm excited to try all the recipes--especially the over-the-top delicious and easy molten lava cakes--at home."
--Kelly C., 5 stars

"The classes are intimate and fun. I had a blast and I assure you will too! Its a great class to go alone, with friends or with a special someone (hint hint). She provides the recipes, materials, food and even drinks so all you have to do is bring yourself and an empty belly!"
--Fiorella V., 5 stars

And more sweet words!

"Thank you for putting together an amazing shower for us last Saturday. The girls had a Fabulous time!! The food was unbelievable and they had a blast cooking.  Your hard work did not go unnoticed."
--Kyla C. (Bridal Shower Client)

"Thank you for everything...I loved all your recipes and it was very clear from the start that I was dealing with a real pro. I hope we can continue to find ways to work together."
--Maria M. (Professional Recipe Development Client)
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