7 Late-Summer Recipe Ideas

These weeks that mark the end of summer and beginning of Fall have long been some of my favorites. Though I'm firmly a summer girl, I appreciate the fresh feeling of a new season and the opportunities it brings along with it.


I also love the lushness of this season as far as produce is concerned--we've still got plenty of summer bounty (ripe stone fruit, sweet corn, figs, even a few berries are still hanging around), but we also have the beginning of crisp Fall favorites like apples and pears. It's a perfect time for experimenting in the kitchen, and these are a few of my favorites that are perfect for the season:

1. Cinnamon Blueberry Pecan Coffee Cake

This easy coffee cake is studded with fresh blueberries and topped with handfuls of crunchy pecans. A generous dose of cinnamon in the batter makes it warm and perfect for the season.

2. Baked Apple Cider Donuts

Baked Apple Cider Donuts

Baked Apple Cider Donuts

My favorite thing at the farmer's market has always been apple cider donuts. This homemade recipe is baked (making it easier than the classic fried version). While I admit it's not as good as the market ones, it comes pretty darn close.

3. Apple Cider Mojitos

Speaking of apple cider...these Apple Cider Mojitos are like summer and fall got together and had a baby. A boozy boozy baby.

4. Chocolate Chip Fig Cake with Saffron

Talk about gorgeous heady flavors! This fragrant cake gets gorgeous color and flavor from saffron threads in the batter. Generous handfuls of chocolate chips and fresh figs (a wonderful match!) make it even richer. This is a perfect one for dinner parties or entertaining guests (you don't have to tell them how easy it is to make!).

5. Roasted Prosciutto-Wrapped Figs

Prefer something a little bit more savory? Give these roasted figs a try. They're stuffed with a bit of salty cheese, wrapped with thin slices of prosciutto, then roasted until crisp on the outside and meltingly soft and lush inside. A perfect party appetizer, or add a couple to a salad.

6. Sheet Pan Roasted Tomato Soup

Nothing like a bowl of tomato soup as the days get chillier. This easy version is made on a single sheet pan--just roast all the ingredients, puree, and serve!

7. Warm Cannellini Bean Salad with Roasted Vegetables

Roast those summer vegetables--tomatoes, fennel, onions--and toss with creamy white beans. It's and easy protein-packed meal that works as a meatless main or a gorgeous side.