Get Healthy & Fabulous in 2012!

Got big plans to get healthy and even more gorgeous in 2012? (I know I do!) Make this the year you FINALLY stick to those goals by learning some delicious healthy recipes and cooking tips that will keep you on the right path all year long.

Sign up today for our first class of the New Year--it's a hands-on healthy cooking class, during which I'll be teaching 8 different light and delicious recipes that are perfect for cooking during the week. You'll also learn various healthy cooking techniques and ideas that you can use to transform all your favorite dishes, and start the year off feeling fresh and healthy. The class will be taught at our gorgeous new Manhattan kitchen space.

The class is limited to 12 students, so if you're interested in attending, definitely sign up today. Click here to read more and reserve your ticket.

Have any questions? As always, feel free to email me!